Deaths Involving COVID-19, Pneumonia, Influenza Reported By Race,
Michigan Occurences. January, 1 2020— November 18, 2020P

Race without Hispanic Ancestry
or Hispanic Ancestry
Fitted Deaths2
Percent of Total
COVID-19 Cases
Deaths from
All Causes
Pneumonia &
Total 7,565 8,478 100.0% 96,016 8,041 3,485 283
White 4,465 5,004 59.0% 76,665 5,536 1,938 227
Black 2,721 3,049 36.0% 15,874 2,141 1,346 44
Native American 23 26 0.3% 508 38 14 3
Asian & Pacific Islander 113 127 1.5% 915 113 63 4
Hispanic 219 245 2.9% 1,878 190 112 5


PDeaths reported to the Michigan Vital Records office may be delayed by 7 days. Verifying the cause of death, and processing the records from adminstrative records may further delay the reports of deaths for statistical purposes.The deaths shown in the deaths columns will be lower than the actual year-to-date total.

1COVID-19 deaths are those deaths coded as ICD-10 U07.1 or U07.2 as an underlying or related cause of death.

2On November 23, 2020, the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) reported that 8,478 persons died due to causes associated with COVID-19.The number of deaths shown in this column are the COVID-19 associated deaths reported to the Michigan Vital Records Office, scaled to the number of COVID-19 associated deaths reported to MDSS. MDSS receives reports of infectious diseases rapidly, and that systems' counts of fatalities are more timely than vital records systems. Therefor, these scaled numbers are more accurate estimates of the number of deaths by race, age or sex distribution.

3Pneumonia deaths are those deaths coded ICD-10 codes J12.0-J18.9 as an underlying cause of death or a related cause of death, but excluding any mention of flu.

4The decedent was reported as having pneumonia and COVID-19 simulataneously.

5Influenza deaths are coded as J09-J11.

Source: Michigan 2020 Death File, Extracted November 18, 2020. Division for Vital Records & Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.