Figure 4
Infant Mortality Rates by Leading Causes of Infant Deaths,
Michigan Residents, 1980-2022

Short Gestation/Low Birthweight Death Rates (IMR 1980: 10.6 and IMR 2022: 14.4), 1980-2022
Congenital Anomalies Death Rates (IMR 1980: 22.7 and IMR 2022: 10.6), 1980-2022
Accidental Infant Death Rates (IMR 1980: 2.8 and IMR 2022: 6.8),  1980-2022
Newborn Affected by Maternal Complications Infant Rates by Leading Causes of Infant Deaths (IMR 1980: 5.8 and IMR 2022: 2.9), 1980-2022
Respiratory (Excluding RDS) Infant Mortality Rates (IMR 1980: 12.2 and IMR 2022: 1.9) , 1980-2022
Respiratory Disease Syndrome (IMR 1980: 14.8 and IMR 2022: 1.8), 1980-2022

Note: For purposes of comparing small values, these rates are calculated at deaths per 10,000 live births; in most Michigan Community Health infant death reports, infant deaths are per 1,000.

Causes of death are coded using the 9th and 10th revisions to the International Classification of Diseases.  The ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes are grouped into broader categories for the causes listed in this table in order to classify these selected causes of death. See Selected Causes of Groups for Infant Mortality for details of grouping and comparability.

An asterisk (*) indicates the rate does not meet standards of reliability or precision. A dash (-) indicates quanity zero.

Source: 1980-2022 Michigan Resident Infant Death File, Division for Vital Records & Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.