Appendix A

Up until October 2015, the Michigan Birth Defects registry used the 9th revision to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9-CM) to code diagnosis. After October 2015, the registry used ICD-10-CM to code diagnosis.  Diagnostic Code Groupings used for congenital anomaly codes were established by the Centers for Disease Control.

Code Groups for Birth Defects and Other Reportable Conditions
by ICD–10–CM Diagnosis Codes

Birth Defects

  Diagnostic Grouping and Description ICD-10-CM Code
A. Central Nervous System G90.1, Q00-Q07
  A01. Anencephalus Q00.0, Q00.1
  A02. Spina Bifida w/o Anencephaly  
  A03. Hydrocephalus w/o Spina Bifida Q03
  A04. Encephalocele Q01
  A05. Microcephalus Q02
  A06. Holoprosencephaly Q04.2
B. Eye Q10 - Q15, Q13.81, Q13.89
  B01. Anopthalmos/Micropthalmos Q11.0 - Q11.2
  B02. Congenital Cataract Q12.0
  B03. Aniridia Q13.1
C. Ear, Face and Neck Q16-Q18
  C01. Anotia/Microtia Q16.0, Q17.2
D. Heart and Circulatory System P29.3, P29.30, P29.38,
Q20 - Q28, Q27.30 - Q27.39
  D01. Common Truncus Q20.0
  D02. Transposition of Great Vessels Q20.2 Q20.3, Q20.5
  D03. Tetralogy of Fallot Q21.3
  D04. Ventricular Septal Defect Q21.0
  D05. Atrial Septal Defect Q21.1
  D06. Endocardial Cushion Defect Q21.2
  D07. Pulmonary Valve Atresia and Stenosis Q22.0, Q22.1
  D08. Tricuspid Valve Atresia and Stenosis Q22.4, Q22.6, Q22.8, Q22.9
  D09. Ebstein's Anomaly Q22.5
  D10. Aortic Valve Stenosis Q23.0
  D11. Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Q23.4
  D12. Patent Ductus Arteriosis Q25.0
  D13. Coarctation of Aorta Q25.1
  D14. Pulmonary Artery Anomalies Q25.5, Q25.6, Q25.71, Q25.72, Q25.79
  D15. Interrupted Aortic Arch Q25.21
  D16. Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return Q26.2
  D17. Double Outlet Right Ventricle Q20.1
  D18. Single Ventricle Q20.4
E. Respiratory System Q30-Q34
  E01. Lung Agenesis/Hypoplasia Q33.2, Q33.3, Q33.6
  E02. Choanal Atresia Q30.0
F. Cleft Palate and Cleft Lip Q35.1-Q37.9
  F01. Cleft Palate Q35.1. Q35.3, Q36.5, Q35.7, Q36.9
  F02. Cleft Lip w and w/o Cleft Palate Q36.0, Q36.1, Q36.9, Q37.1 - Q37.9
G. Upper Alimentary Canal/ Digestive System Q38-Q37
  G01. Esophageal Atresia/ Tracheoesophageal Fistula Q39.0 - Q39.4
  G02. Rectal and Large Intestinal Atresia/Stenosis Q42.1 - Q42.3, Q42.8 - Q42.9
  G03. Pyloric Stenosis Q40.0
  G04. Hirshsprung's Disease (congenital megacolon) Q43.1, Q43.2
  G05. Biliary Atresia Q44.2, Q44.3
H. Genital and Urinary Systems Q50.1 - Q64.9, Q50.01 - Q64.79, Q51.810 - Q51.828,
Q53.111 - Q53.112,
Q53.211 - Q53.212, Q53.23, R39.83 - R39.84
  H01. Renal Agenesis/Hypoplasia Q60.0 - Q60.6
  H02. Bladder Exstrophy Q64.10, Q64.12, Q64.19
  H03. Obstructive Genitourinary Defects Q62.0, Q62.10 - Q62.12,
Q62.2, Q62.31 - Q62.32, Q62.39,
Q64.2, Q64.31 - Q64.33, Q64.39
  H04. Hypospadias & Epispadias Q54.0 - Q54.3, Q54.8 - Q54.9
  H05. Epispadias Q64.0
I. Musculoskeletal System Q65.1 - Q79.9, Q65.01 - Q79.59,
Q71.811 - Q72.899,
Q76.411 - Q76.429
  I01. Upper Limb Reduction Deformities Q71.811 - Q71.813, Q71.819,
Q71.891 - Q71.899, Q71.90 - Q71.93,
Q71.00 - Q71.03, Q71.10 - Q71.13,
Q71.20 - Q71.23, Q71.40 - Q71.43,
Q71.50 - Q71.53, Q71.30 - Q71.33
  I02. Lower Limb Reduction Deformities Q72.811 - Q72.813, Q72.819,
Q72.891 - Q72.893, Q72.899,
Q72.00 - Q72.03, Q72.90 - Q72.93,
Q72.10 - Q72.13, Q72.50 - Q72.53,
Q72.60 - Q72.63, Q72.30 - Q72.33,
Q72.70 - Q72.73
  I03. Gastroschisis/Omphalocele Q79.2-Q79.3
  I03(a) Omphalocele Q79.2
  I03(b) Gastroschisis Q79.3
  I03(c) Other and Unspecified Abdominal Wall Anomalies Q79.4, Q79.51
  I04. Congenital Hip Dislocation Q65.00,Q65.1-Q65.2
  I05. Diaphragmatic Hernia Q79.0-Q79.1
J. Integument Q80-Q82, Q83.0 - Q83.8, Q84
K. Chromosomal Anomalies Q90- Q99, Q93.81,
Q93.88, Q93.89
  K01. Trisomy 13 Q91.7
  K02. Down Syndrome Q90
  K03. Trisomy 18 Q91.0 - Q91.7
  K04. Deletion 22 q21 Q93.81
  K05. Turner Syndrome Q96.0 – Q96.9
L. Other and Unspecified Congenital Anomalies Q80-Q84, Q85.1 - Q99.2,
Q78.71 - Q89.09, Q87.410 - Q87.418

Code Groups for Birth Defects and Other Reportable Conditions
by ICD-10-CM Diagnosis Codes

Other Reportable Conditions

  Diagnostic Grouping and Description ICD-10-CM Code
M. Infectious Conditions Occurring in the Perinatal Period A50, A50.01 - A50.49,
P35 - P37
  M01. Syphilis A50.01 - A50.08, A50.1, A50.2, A50.9, A50.31, A50.40 - A50.49
  M02. Other Infections P35.0 - P35.8, P37
  M03. Zika Virus Disease A92.5
N. Familial/Congenital Neoplasms Q85.00, Q85.01, Q85.02
O. Endocrine/Metabolic Disorders C96.5, C96.6, D81, D81.810, D81.89, D82, D84.1, E00, E20.8, E20.9, E21.0 - E21.3, E23.0, E23.6, E25, E27.1, E27.2, E27.40, E27.49, E27.8, E29, E34.3, E70.0, E70.1, E70.20 - E70.30, E72, E70.310 - E70.339, E70.5 - E70.9, E71.0, E71.110 - E71.128, E71.19, E71.2, E71.310 - E71.318, E71.32, E71.39, E71.40-E71.43, E71.440, E71.448, E71.50, E71.53, E71.510 - E71.529, E71.540 - E71.548, E72.10 - E72.19, E70.40 - E70.49, E72.20 - E72.29, E72.3, E72.4, E72.50 - E72.59, E72.8, E72.9, E74.00 - E74.09, E74.20 - E74.29, E74.10 - E74.19, E74.31, E74.39, E74.4, E74.52, E74.53, E74.8, E74.9, E76.01 - E76.03, E76.1 - E76.9, E76.210, E76.211, E76.219, E76.22, E76.29, E78.0 - E78.6, E75.21, E75.22, E75.240 - E75.249, E77, E78.70. E78.79 - E78.89, E78.9, E80.3 - E80.7, E88.2, E88.89, C88.0, D47.2, D89.0, D89.1, E20.1, E83.10, E83.19, E83.30 - E83.39, E84.0 - E84.9, E84.11, E84.19, E88.01, E88.09, E80.0 - E80.7, E80.21, E80.29, E79.1, E79.8, E85.0 - E85.9, E88.40 - E88.49, E88.89, E88.9, H49.811 - H49.819, E85.81 - E85.89
P. Diseases of the Blood & Blood Forming Organs D47.3, D55, D56, D57.1, D57.3, D57.00 - D57.02, D57.20, D57.40, D57.80, D57.211 - D57.219, D57.411 - D57.419, D57.811 - D57.819, D58.0, D58.1, D61.01, D61.09, D61.82, D65 - D67, D68, D68.31 - D68.32
Q. Other Diseases of the Central and Peripheral Nervous System F84.0, E75.00 - E75.09, E75.10 - E75.19, E75.4, G11.0, G11.4, G12.0, G24.1, G31.9, G31.89, G40.401, G40.409, G40.411, G40.419, G51.0 - G51.9,G52.7, G60, G70.1 - G70.9, G70.00, G70.01, G70.80, G70.81, G71.0, G71.2, G71.11 - G71.19, G72.2, G72.3, G72.9, G73.3, G73.7, G80, G90.9, G91.2, G93.0, G94
R. Other Diseases of the Eye H30.93, H35.23, H35.50 - H35.54, H47.22, H49.00 - H49.03, H49.10 - H49.13, H49.20 - H49.23, H49.30 - H49.33, H49.40 - H49.43, H49.881 - H49.889, H50.00 - H50.08, H50.011, H50.012, H50.021, H50.022, H50.031, H50.032, H50.041, H50.042, H50.10 - H50.18, H50.111, H50.112, H50.121, H50.122, H50.131, H50.132, H50.141, H50.142, H50.30 - H50.34, H50.311, H50.312, H50.331, H50.332, H50.40 - H50.43, H50.21, H50.22, H50.411, H50.412, H50.50 - H50.55, H50.60, H50.69, H50.611, H50.612, H50.811, H50.812, H50.89, H51.0 - H51.9, H51.11, H51.12, H51.20 - H51.23, H53.009, H53.019 - H53.039, H54.0 - H54.8, H54.0X33-H54.0X35, H54.0X43 - H54.0X45, H54.0X53 - H54.0X55, H54.10, H54.1131 - H54.1132, H54.1141 - H54.1142, H54.1213 - H54.1215, H54.1223 - H54.1225, H54.X11 - H54.X12, H54.X21 - H54.X22, H54.1151 - H54.1152, H54.40 - H54.42, H54.413A - H54.415A, H54.42A3 - H54.42A5, H54.50 - H54.52, H54.511A - H54.512A, H54.52A1 - H5452A2, H54.60 - H54.62, H54.7, H55.00 - H55.09, H55.81, H55.89
S. Hearing Deficiency H90.0 - H90.8, H90.A11 - H90.A12, H90.11, H90.12, H90.A21 - H90.A22, H90.A31 - H90.A32, H90.41, H90.42, H90.71, H90.72, H91.8X1 - H91.8X9, H91.90 - H91.93, Q16.1 - Q16.9
T. Other Diseases of the Heart & Circulatory System I42.1 - I42.8, I43, I44.0 - I44.7, I44.30, I44.39, I44.60, I44.69, I45.2 - I45.9, I45.10 - I45.81, I45.89, I47.1 - I47.9, I48.0, I48.1, I49.1- I49.2, I49.5 - I49.9, R00.1, I63.50, I66.9, I66.09, I66.19, I66.29, I66.30, I73,81, I82.0
U. Other Diseases of the Gastrointestinal System K00, K01.0, K01.1, K31.4, K40.0, K40.00, K40.01, K40.10, K40.11, K40.20, K40.21, K40.3, K40.30, K40.31, K40.40, K40.41, K40.90, K40.91, K41.00, K41.01, K41.10, K41.11, K41.20, K41.21, K41.30, K41.31, K41.40, K41.41, K41.90, K41.91, K42.0 - K46.0, K42.1 - K46.1, K42.9 - K46.9, K43.19, K43.2, K43.7, K45.8, K56.2, K56.60, K60.3 - K60.5, K62.4, K63.2, M26.00 - N26.09, M26.10 - M26.19
V. Other Diseases of the Genital and Urinary Systems N13.4, N13.5, N13.9, N28.82 - N28.89, N32.1, N32.2, N35.9, N36.0, N82
W. Other Fetal/Placental Anomalies This grouping has been discontinued.
X. Other Musculoskeletal System Diseases M85.2
Y. Maternal Exposures Affecting Fetus P00.2, P04.3, P04.8, P96.1, P04.41, P04.49, Q86.1 - Q86.8
  Y01. Newborn Affected by Maternal Use of Alcohol P04.3
  Y02. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Q86.0