1990-2022 Population Estimates

2000-2019 Population Estimates: The 2000-2019 population estimates by age, sex and bridged race were aggregated from the bridged, single-race estimates released by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in June 2019.

2020-2022 Population Estimates: The 2020-2022 population estimates by age, sex and bridged race were estimated by the Division for Vital Records & Health Statistics from US Census Vintage data.

About single-race estimates:  Race information provided in the U.S. Census Bureau Summary File 1: 2010 Census of Population and Housing was collected differently than for the 1990 Census.  That is, in the 2010 Census respondents could classify themselves as being of more than one race.  As a result, race counts by the Census Bureau are not mutually exclusive.  The National Center for Health Statistics and many other federal and non-federal organizations throughout the country still use forms that capture racial information in single, mutually exclusive categories.  NCHS entered into an agreement with the Census Bureau to convert the Census Bureau's multiple-race resident population counts to single-race estimates.  For more information on the methodologies used to develop these estimates visit: the National Vital Statistics System, U.S. Census Populations With Bridged Race Categories.

The 2000-2009 Minor Civil Division (MCD) data were originally estimated in 2009 using US 2000 Census population estimates; Michigan birth and death certificate counts; and PopStats block-level migration estimates and population distributions of race. The 2000-2009 data were adjusted for error of closure using the 2010 census. The 2010 MCD population was bridged at the census block-level based on the National Center for Health Statistics bridged race methodlogy.


The 2010-2021 MCD data were estimated from PopStats block-level population estimates by age and sex. The population was proportionally fitted to Michigan Sub-County Population Estimates for MCDs, prepared by the US Census.


2011-2022 Detroit City Population: The 2010 age-race proportions from the US Census were applied to 2011-2019 NCHS Wayne county bridged race populations to estimate the population for Detroit City and Wayne County Health Department. Alternate estimates of Wayne county and Detroit City may be found at Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG).

1990-1999 population estimates:  The 1990-1999 population estimates by age, sex and race provided on this site are taken from the bridged, single-race estimates released by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in July, 2010.  The U.S. Census Bureau produced these revised intercensal estimates for NCHS by using the bridged single-race methodology described above.

The 1990-1999 estimates produced for NCHS did not break the 15-19 age group into two commonly used age groups:  15-17 and 18-19.  Until this division becomes available from a demographic source, the Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics of the Michigan Department of Community Health have made interim estimates for these two age groups.  Using estimates of the populations released by NCHS for the years 2000 through 2009, average proportions of 15 through 17 year olds and 18 through 19 year olds within each geographic area were calculated by race, sex and age group.  These average proportions were applied to the 15 through 19 year old populations provided for the earlier years to obtain the estimated 15 through 17 year old and 18 through 19 year old populations for those years.

Data Source:  The Michigan Department of Community Health, Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics prepared the tables available on this site by using population estimates developed as stated above.  Population estimates are subject to error due to the limitations of available data and demographic methodologies.  The average level of error increases in estimates for geographic entities with smaller populations and especially for population subgroups within those geographic entities.

Geographic Area Reporting:  This site provides population estimates for the State of Michigan, all Michigan counties, Michigan local health departments and the larger MCDs in Michigan.  Estimates for the population served by Detroit City Health Department and Wayne County Health Department was estimated by Michigan Department of Community Health, Vital Records and Health Statistics. The population estimates developed for NCHS did not delineate estimates below the county level.

Updating:  Population estimates for this Web site will be updated when additional bridged population estimates become available.  Additions anticipated include more detailed breakouts for certain age groups and estimates for cities and townships with at least 10, 000 population.

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