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Keeping Michigan Healthy

Natality, Pregnancy & Abortion Statistics


Michigan & United States

Trends of Births, Fertility & Plurality

Live Births by Age of Mother

Prenatal Care & Birthweight

Labor & Delivery

Morbidity & Risk Factors

Michigan Counties

Last Updated December 6, 2016



Michigan Abortions, March 25, 2015: Overview

Abortion Trends

Age of Woman

Race or Hispanic Ancestry of Woman

Previous Induced Abortions

Michigan Occurrences

By Weeks of Gestation

Immediate Complications

Subsequent Complications

Abortion Reports

Last Updated April 6, 2016



Data Requests

To request natality and pregnancy data that are not available from this web site, please call (517) 335-9075 or FAX your requests to (517) 335-8711. Requests can also be E-mailed to

Written requests should be sent to:

Glenn Radford
Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics
Michigan Department of Health and Human Services
333 S. Grand Ave.
Lansing MI, 48933

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If you have questions, problems or comments about this web site, please contact Glenn Radford by E-mail at or by phone at (517) 335-9075.