Transport Fatal Injuries and
Rates Per 100,000 Population
By Type of Transport and Injured Person, 2009-2014
St. Clair County Residents, Michigan
Both Sexes, All Ages

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  2014   Annual
 ALL TRANSPORT FATAL INJURIES 20.6 14 12.7 2.5 8.7 4.6
 Motor Vehicle Traffic - Occupant 8.0 3 4.9 1.5 *
   Motor Vehicle Traffic - Driver 6.8 1 4.2 1.4 *
 Motor Vehicle Traffic - Motorcyclist 2.2 1 * *
 Motor Vehicle Traffic - Bicyclist 1.0 2 * *
 Motor Vehicle Traffic - Pedestrian 2.4 * *
 Motor Vehicle Traffic - Other * *
 Motor Vehicle Traffic - Unspecified 4.8 6 * 3.7 3.0
 Other Transports - Bicyclist * *
 Other Transports - Pedestrian 0.6 * *
 Other Transports - Other 1.6 2 * *


A transport fatal injury is any fatal injury involving a device designed primarily for, or being used at the time primarily for, conveying persons or goods from one place to another. This category includes accidents involving: aircraft, spacecraft, watercraft, motor vehicle, railway, and other road vehicles (excludes intentional or undetermined deaths).

A traffic fatal injury is any vehicle fatal injury occuring on the public highway.

A motor vehicle traffic - unspecified is any traffic accident of specific type but victim's mode of transport is unknown.

Other specified person includes occupant of vehicle other than above, person in railway train involved in accident, and unauthorized rider of motor vehicle.

Zero deaths and rates are shown by a "—".
Rates are per 100,000 population for the specified age and sex group in the geographic area. Adding and subtracting the number shown after the symbol from the rate creates an interval indicating that the true rate lies between the lower and upper bounds with 95% statistical confidence.

"*" indicates the number of cases is too small (4 deaths or less) to calculate a statistically reliable rate.
"**" indicates that data were suppressed (4 deaths or less) to assure confidentiality.

Source: Michigan Resident Death Files,
Division of Vital Records and Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Last Updated: 03/07/2016