Numbers and Percents of Low Birthweight, Live Births by Level of Prenatal Care
and Ancestry of Mother,
Central Michigan District Health Department District, Michigan Residents, 2017

Level of Prenatal Care
(Kessner Index)
Low Birthweight
Number Percent Number Percent
Adequate 80   7.4 3   *  
Intermediate 28   6.0 1   *  
Inadequate 12   6.0 -   -  
Total 120   6.9 4   *  



Note: The Kessner Index is a classification of prenatal care based on the month of pregnancy in which prenatal care began, the number of prenatal visits and the length of pregnancy (i.e. for shorter pregnancies, fewer prenatal visits constitute adequate care.) 

Percents are calculated by using the corresponding numbers of total births ancestry and level of prenatal care as denominators. 

Records with race not stated are included only in the "All Races" column.  Records with unknown level of prenatal care are included only in the "total" row.

Asterisk (*) indicates that data do not meet standards of reliability or precision.   Care should be taken in drawing inferences from rates based on small numbers of events or a small population base. These rates tend to exhibit considerable variation which may negate their usefulness for comparative purposes.
Source: 2017 Michigan Geocoded Birth File, Division for Vital Records & Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services