(Excludes Late Effects)

Underlying causes of death prior to 1999 were classified in accordance with
the ninth revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9).
Underlying causes of death for 1999 and thereafter were classified in
accordance with the tenth revision (ICD-10).

 Transport Injuries            ICD-9:  E800-E807, E810-E819, E820-E829,
                                       E830-E838, E840-E845

                               ICD-10: V01-V06, V09-V99 

 Burn, Fire/Flame              ICD-9:  E890-E899              

                               ICD-10: X00-X09                            

 Burn, Hot Object/Substance    ICD-9:  E924                     

                               ICD-10: X10-X19                          

 Cut/Pierce                    ICD-9:  E920                   

                               ICD-10: W25-W29, W45                    

 Drowning/Submersion           ICD-9:  E830, E832, E910       

                               ICD-10: W65-W74                               

 Fall                          ICD-9:  E880-E886, E888

                               ICD-10: W00-W19                 

 Firearms                      ICD-9:  E922

                               ICD-10: W32-W34       

 Machinery                     ICD-9:  E919                         

                               ICD-10: W24, W30-W31                   

 Natural/Environmental         ICD-9:  E900-E909, E928.0-E928.2

                               ICD-10: W42-W43, W53-W64, W9              
                                       X2, X3, X51-X57 

 Overexertion                  ICD-9:  E927

                               ICD-10: X50

 Poisoning                     ICD-9:  E850-E859, E860-E869

                               ICD-10: X40-X49

 Struck by Object              ICD-9:  E916-E917

                               ICD-10:W20-W22, W50-W52

 Suffocation                   ICD-9:  E911-E913

                               ICD-10: W75-W84

 Unintentional - Other         ICD-9:  E846-E848, E887, E914-E915,
                                       E918,E921, E923, E925-E926,
                                       E928.3, E928.8-E928.9

                               ICD-10: W23, W35-W41, W44, W49,W85-W91,