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Patient Days of Care and Average Length of Stay
By Twenty Leading Diagnoses for Hospitalizations
Michigan Residents, 2014

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 All Hospitalizations 1,242,639 5,801,304 4.7
 Heart Diseases 120,134 569,540 4.7
 Newborns and Neonates (Less than 7 days) 115,987 412,974 3.6
 Females with Deliveries 111,145 280,002 2.5
 Injury and Poisoning 98,307 506,398 5.2
 Septicemia 62,170 445,043 7.2
 Psychoses 50,087 381,462 7.6
 Osteoarthrosis and Allied Disorders 44,718 113,925 2.6
 Cancer (Malignant Neoplasms) 34,942 229,112 6.6
 Cerebrovascular Diseases 32,610 140,555 4.3
 Pneumonia 27,708 134,450 4.9
 Diseases of the Skin and Subcutaneous Tissue 24,257 107,149 4.4
 Chronic bronchitis 21,775 92,724 4.3
 Care Involving Use of Rehabilitation Procedures 19,640 256,486 13.1
 Diabetes Mellitus 19,340 87,895 4.5
 Kidney/Urinary Infections 16,783 65,409 3.9
 Diseases of the Blood & Blood-Forming Organs 15,184 63,861 4.2
 All Infectious & Parasitic Diseases Except Septicemia 14,178 70,529 5.0
 Asthma 13,090 44,782 3.4
 Diverticula of Intestine 10,987 48,952 4.5
 Hypertention, excl. Hypertensive Heart Disease 10,965 54,746 5.0
 All Other Hospitalization Conditions 378,632 1,695,310 4.5


Hospitalizations are inpatient hospital stays as measured by stays that were completed during the specified year. The number of hospitalizations is often greater than the number of persons hospitalized since some persons are hospitalized more than once during a year.

Days of Care are the number of patient days accumulated at the time of discharge by a patient. A stay of less than 1 day is counted as 1 day in the summation of total days of care. For patients admitted and discharged on different days, the number of days of care is computed by counting all days from (and including) the date of admission to (but not including) the date of discharge.

Average Length of Stay are the number of days of care accumulated at the time of discharge by patients hospitalized during the year divided by the number of these hospitalizations.

Source: Michigan Resident Inpatient Files created by the Division for Vital Records and Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, using data from the Michigan Inpatient Database obtained with permission from the Michigan Health & Hospital Association Service Corporation (MHASC).

Usage rights: Portions of this data are taken from a proprietary database owned and maintained by the MHASC. All rights reserved. This data may not be used for commercial purposes without first obtaining written permission from the MHASC. Contact MHASC at for more information.

Last Updated: 04/12/2016

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