(Excludes Late Effects)

Underlying causes of death prior to 1999 were classified in accordance with
the ninth revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-9).
Underlying causes of death for 1999 and thereafter were classified in
accordance with the tenth revision (ICD-10).

 Cut/Pierce                    ICD-9:  E956

                               ICD-10: X78 

 Firearm                       ICD-9:  E955.0-E955.4          

                               ICD-10: X72-X74                            

 Hanging/Suffocation           ICD-9:  E953                     

                               ICD-10: X70                          

 Jump                          ICD-9:  E957, E958.0           

                               ICD-10: X80-X81                         

 Poisoning                     ICD-9:  E950-E952       

                               ICD-10: X60-X69                          

 Suicide - other               ICD-9:  E954, E955.5-E955.9, E958.1-E958.9

                               ICD-10: X71, X75-X77, X79, X82-X84, Y870