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While a primary purpose for collection of vital records is to record information on vital events for legal purposes, vital records files also serve as an important source for statistical information. Vital statistics data developed from these records can be accessed through the links below for the full range of vital events including births, deaths, marriages and divorces. Basic counts for the number of events, rates and detailed cross tabulations are provided. Statistical information for Michigan with national comparisons are included along with extensive data at the county and community level.
Click here for: vital statistics representing an average day in Michigan.
Click here for: natality, abortion and pregnacy statistical tables. Including, tables of birth characteristics, birthweights, prenatal care and pregnancies for individual counties and cities in Michigan.
Click here for: Michigan's annual infant mortality report. Infant death rates and counts for the state, health district, county and city.
Click here for: mortality statistical tables, including counts and rates of leading causes of death for Michigan, by health district, county and city. This page also includes Michigan life tables and years of potential life lost.
Click here for: Michigan marriage and divorce numbers and rates, along with number of prior marriages, children affected by divorce and other characteristics.
Click here for: counts of the top baby names for 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2009.
Click here for: detailed mortality tables by external causes of death.
Click here for: historical annuals from 1950 to 1998; infant death reports, birth defects reports, abortion reports from 2005 to the present; fetal death counts and numerous health statistics spreadsheets accumulated since 1989 to the present.