Characteristics of the Mother or Infant, as a Percentage of Live Births
Michigan Residents, 2001

Maternal Characteristics Michigan
% Under 20 years 10.3
% First births 38.6
% Fourth and higher order births 11.4
% Less than 12 years of education 17.1
% Unmarried 34.2
% Group-B Strep present during pregnancy ---
% Maternal HIV test performed ---
% Received prenatal care during first trimester 82.9
% of Women delivering a live birth who had a healthy weight prior to pregnancy ---
% Smoked while pregnant 15.5
% of Mothers who did not smoke while pregnant 83.4
% Cesarean delivery 23.3
% of Women with low-risk live births that were Cesarean births 19.1
% of Women with low-risk live births that were first birth Cesarean sections 10.6
% Cesarean births among low-risk women with a prior Cesarean birth 100.0
% Weight gained while pregnant less that 16 pounds 12.0
% Weight gained while pregnant for singleton moms was low ---
% Weight gained while pregnant for singleton moms was recommended ---
% Weight gained while pregnant for singleton moms was excessive ---
% Breast feeding not planned ---
% Breast feeding initiated ---
% Breast feeding planned ---
% Breast feeding planned or initiated ---
% WIC food during pregnancy ---


Infant Characteristics Michigan
% Low birthweight 8.0
% Very low birthweight 1.7
% Very preterm 1.9
% Live births 32 to 33 weeks gestation 1.2
% Late preterm 6.9
% Preterm 10.0
% APGAR score < 7 in first 5 minutes of life 1.2
% Singleton births 96.4
Male/female ratio 106.3


A dagger indicates a Healthy 2020 Maternal, Infant and Child Health Objective.

A healthy weight for a woman prior to pregnancy is defined as a BMI of 18.5 to 24.9.
Low weight births are less than 2,500 grams.
Very low weight births are less than 1,500 grams.
Very preterm births are infants born prior to 32 completed weeks of gestation.
Late preterm births are infants born between 34 to 36 completed weeks of gestation.
Preterm births are infants born prior to 37 completed weeks of gestation.
Singleton birth is a single birth delivery.
Low-risk Cesarean births are singleton, full-term (37 weeks gestation or older), with vertex presentation that were delivered using a C-section.
Male/female ratio is the number of male resident live births divided by the female resident live births × 100.
Mothers who smoked while pregnant where those who had a history of smoking, but never quit, plus those who quit at some point between estimated conception and birth date.
Weight gain is considered low or excessive if it falls below or above the IOM recommended range of weight gain. See "Weight Gain During Pregnancy: Reexamining the Guidelines" for details.

---: Triple dashes indicates that the data was not available.

Source: 2001 Geocoded Michigan Birth Certificate Registry.,
Division for Vital Records & Health Statistics, Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

Last updated: 11/16/2017