Hospitalizations by External Causes of Injury and Poisoning
Michigan Residents, 2009-2014


This site presents hospitalizations by External Causes of Injury and Poisoning for Michigan residents hospitalized in short-stay hospitals in Michigan and hospitals in contiguous areas of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and other states.

Hospitalizations are inpatient hospital stays as measured by stays that were completed during the specified year. The number of hospitalizations is often greater than the number of persons hospitalized. Since some persons are hospitalized more than once during a year.

Each hospitalization in the data bases has one principal diagnosis and up to 44 secondary diagnoses. The nature of injury and poisoning (N-codes: ICD-9-CM: 800.00-999.99) can be found in primary diagnosis as well as in secondary diagnoses but the external causes (E-Codes: E800.00-E999.99) are in secondary diagnoses only.

The E-codes indicate the causes of injury and poisoning but the N-codes sometimes shed light into the cause of injury as well. For example, a patient has a stroke that causes him/her to fall. In fact, hospitalizations with primary diagnosis other than injury and poisoning accounted for 40 percent of fall injury. Moreover, hospitalizations with external for misadventure in medical and surgical care can happen with any type of N-code. Thus, both N-codes and E-codes are essential in examining the causes of injury and poisoning. Based on N-codes, there are three distinct ways to analyze the causes of injury and poisoning:

    (a) By Principal Diagnosis of Injury and Poisoning
    (b) By Any Mention of Injury and Poisoning
    (c) By Any Mention of Any N-codes (Not just Injury and Poisoning)

The first approach is appropriate for hospital utilization purposes. The other two approaches are more relevant for prevention purposes.

Presently, this site presents statistics for the first two types and will include the third type in our next edition.

To view detailed information for your community, click on "View Detailed Community Data" on top of the selected table. Selected Statistics by Trends, Age Group, Gender, and Diagnoses are available for Michigan's counties, local health departments, and the state.

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Last Updated: 04/22/2016